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SCATE Strategies Help Increase the Number of Well-Prepared Students in the Pipeline for Technician Careers
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SCATE student technicians use a robot for materials testing.

Credit: Tress Gardner
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The South Carolina Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence (SCATE) enhances the nation’s high tech workforce by improving high school-to-college transitions in technology fields, increasing first-year student success and graduation rates, and enhancing career opportunities for technicians. SCATE has completely transformed the way highly skilled technicians are prepared to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of technician graduates. A large industry consortium provides scholarships and paid internships for students. Technical and scientific competence, teamwork, problem solving and communication skills are hallmarks of a SCATE graduate. Graduation rates have tripled; programs now enroll nearly 50% previously underrepresented minorities; and the average time-to-graduation for engineering technicians has been reduced from 3.6 to 2.3 years. The SCATE model has impacted more than 4500 students in South Carolina and is now being implemented in high schools and community colleges in more than 10 states.

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SCATE Student

Credit: Tress Gardner
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