National Science Foundation
image of Ms. Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall

K-6 Science
Due West, SC
2006 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching
Each year the President of the U.S. recognizes outstanding K-12 science and math teachers throughout the country. One math and one science educator is chosen from each state who exemplifies deep content knowledge combined with the ability to motivate students in science and math.
Rebecca Hall’s students favor life science more than any other subject because it fills her classroom with a variety of plants and animals. Hall explained, “I provide a classroom full of life, including a grow lab for plants and numerous pets, and then ask my students to record any changes, observations, or evidence they see. Their reactions to this daily activity are proof to me that they are learning, excited, and engaged.” Hall regularly assigns group work because she said, “When students work as a team, they do not realize the difficulty in what they are actually learning and do not see science as intimidating.” In addition, Hall combines reading and science lessons to help enhance her students’ education in both subjects.
My teaching style is very nontraditional because I use inquiry-based lessons to lead students into the ownership of their learning. Cooperative groups, peer tutoring, out-of-the-box activities, and technology are all big parts of my classroom. I also provide plenty of research opportunities so that my students can find the answers to their questions. Afterward, students share what they found with one another and this provides the class with much more information than they would get on their own. In my class, we are always learning and having fun.
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