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In a globally networked, highly mobile society, education has few boundaries: learning can take place anywhere, and at any time of life. Partnerships across sectors can ensure that the latest information about what works in formal and informal education is mobilized to help prepare all of the nation's citizens to fully participate in this fast-changing world. The National Science Foundation (NSF) works with the National Governors Association (NGA) and others to ensure that all America's citizens receive a solid grounding in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and that teaching, learning and technology are used to maximum advantage in preparing our youth for successful careers and informed citizenship. The Highlights below are examples of NSF funded projects that have made a difference.
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The Regional Alliances for Persons with Disabilities: 15,000 Students Across 14 States Engaged in STEM Education
With support from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Research in Disabilities Education (RDE) program, four regional alliances...
State: Maine, New Mexico, Washington
Topics: Science & Engineering Education, Workforce & Economic Development
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Bringing Science to a Neighborhood Near You
Community Science Workshops (CSW): Beginning a National Movement is an innovative project that brings science to socioeconomically disadvantaged...
State: Massachusetts
Topics: Science & Engineering Education, Workforce & Economic Development
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PEEP Continues to Captivate Preschoolers
PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD, a daily, half-hour television series with accompanying Web and outreach activities for 2-to-5 year olds,...
State: Massachusetts
Topics: Science & Engineering Education
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Teachers Set Sail for the School of Rock
Thirteen middle school, high school, and museum educators from around the United States recently set sail from Victoria, Canada, for...
State: District Of Columbia
Topics: Science & Engineering Education, Workforce & Economic Development

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Current NSF Abstracts

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COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: From Local to Extreme Environments: Deepening Earth Systems Science Understanding with GLOBE
Awarded to: Elizabeth Goehring, Pennsylvania State Univ University Park, Aug 15, 2006
Chemical Dynamics in Condensed Phases and at Surfaces
Awarded to: John Tully, Yale University, Aug 1, 2006

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