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Novel Antibody Microarray for Profiling of Signaling Proteins
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Overcoming protein bottlenecks.

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Epitome Biosystems has developed a novel method for producing multiplexed
immunoassays for quantitative measurement of intracellular proteins, including
phosphorylation (a cellular regulatory mechanism), at predetermined sites, and (blood-based) serum biomarkers. Such markers are used to detect diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.  

The “EpiTag” technology is based on the observation that every protein can be uniquely
identified based on short, continuous stretches of amino acid sequences (tags). Epitome
Biosystems uses informatics tools to identify the EpiTags from gene sequence
information. EpiTags of interest are then chemically synthesized as peptides and used to
generate specific anti-peptide antibodies. Most proteins have such tags, allowing one to correctly identify the proteins. 

The Epitome products allow researchers to simultaneously measure groups of proteins in 
many biologically important areas. As such, the platform has many applications,
including drug discovery and pharmacokinetics (the study of how drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized and excreted).

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