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IntelliOne's Mobile Positioning Unit

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IntelliOne’s mobile positioning system can locate every active mobile device in a wireless carrier’s network with 30 to 100 meter accuracy.  The system plots the “bulk” mobile device locations on a digital map and updates locations every second,.  This allows it to effectively monitor the movement of mobile devices in real time. The system uses anonymous radio frequency (RF) network information, thereby avoiding privacy issues.  (It cannot identify mobile device users.) 

This system has practical applications for traffic control, logistics management and crisis management. For example, during a crisis management situation, the system may be used by: authorities to identify clusters of devices in affected areas and dispatch appropriate responders; first responders to expedite the evacuation of affected areas and identify congestion-free routes for emergency vehicle ingress/egress;p and by federal, state or local government entities to alert mobile devices within 100 meters of affected areas of crisis via broadcast short message service.

The firm uses proprietary algorithms to anonymously track the active signal generated by hand sets and calculates position as well as vectors within cell coverage. The system has been deployed at a Beta test-site in a large metropolitan area (Tampa) with a leading cellular service provider. This capability, if deployed, could increase situational awareness during crisis management, as well as provide a means for increasing fleet efficiency. It can be deployed with modest overhead, and exploits novel signal processing algorithms for location and vector calculation without overloading the current cellular infrastructure.

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