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A Providence Public Schools administrator holding a sow bug garden necklace during a demonstration by a University of Wisconsin-Madison scientist.

Credit: Project team for SCALE, Award 0227016
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State: Massachusetts

The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program engages and challenges mathematics, science and engineering faculty to create new and interesting roles by which they can contribute to the work of K-12 science and mathematics. In Focus on Mathematics, a MSP led by Boston University, mathematicians and teachers have established a community highlighting mathematics at the core of education in grades 5-12. An annual Math Expo encourages and supports student research in each of the five partner school districts and offers student access to online mentoring from university and other research mathematicians. Students develop research projects and present the results to their peers and to panels of mathematicians. Selected projects are presented at the final Math Expo at the Boston Museum of Science. In 2004, over 500 students participated in mathematics fairs with their research projects on such varied topics as cicada invasions, stock market predictions and baseball statistics.

Partners: Northeastern University, Harvard Medical School, Roxbury Community College, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston Public Schools, The College Board, the Education Development Center

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Student explaining her mathematics research project to a Watertown school administrator during Math Expo.

Credit: Boston University, Patrice Flesch
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